Welcome to Botanicula!

Daedalic Entertainment, the creators of "Edna & Harvey – The Breakout" , "Harvey's New Eyes" and "Deponia" presents Botanicula. The enchanting new Point & Click-Adventure from Amanita Design, creators of award-winning Machinarium. In this adventure the player accompanies five tree creatures on a dangerous mission to save their hometree.

Botanicula tells the story of five little tree-creatures who set out to save the last seed of their hometree from aggressive parasites. On their journey they have to solve tricky riddles and problems with the aid of many friends. But the evil parasites want something else: They want to destroy the natural balance of the tree. Will the five little heroes save the seed in time before the parasites can catch up to them?

The Heroes

Mr. Lantern – Keeper of the last seed. He glows in the dark.
Mr. Twig – Able to grow at will
Ms. Mushroom – Beautiful and smart
Mr. Poppyhead – Big and strong
Mr. Feather – He can fly

In the magical plantworld of Botanicula every being has its own individual talents. Only by combining their special characteristics, the heroes can overcome the tricky obstacles in their way.

In over 150 scenes players are able to interact with almost every object in this truly revolutionary designed "Point & Click"-Adventure. Atmospheric music by the Czech Band DVA rounds off the adventurous journey into the fantastic plant world.




  • By the creators of Machinarium, produced by the creators of "Harveys New Eyes" and "Deponia"
  • Explore hundreds of handdrawn backgrounds in a huge treeworld, enriched with countless charming animations
  • Discover mysterious places and strange tree-creatures
  • Enjoy an atmospheric soundtrack, composed by the Indie-Band DVA


System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista or MacOS 10.6 (Tiger) or higher
  • 1,6 GHz processor
  • 1GByte RAM
  • 650 MB available on HD
  • 1.024 x 768 Screen resolution (1.280 x 800 recommended)
  • Mouse, DVD-Drive, Sound Card